Sunday, September 17, 2006

Them Darn Jews

I am a jew. I didn't know i was a jew until about a year ago. My mom's, mom's name was Dorothy Meier. Here's a small excerpt about that name.
  1. German, Dutch, Czech, Slovak (Majer), and Polish: status name for a tenant farmer, steward, overseer, or village headman, a variant spelling of German Meyer 1.
  2. Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant spelling of the personal name Meyer (see Meyer 2).
  3. Danish: occupational name from meiere ‘reaper’, ‘harvester’.

As you can see, the first and last uses of the name are status titles or job descriptions. Only the Jewish version of Meier is a family name. It was taken as a surname when all of the jews in a town in germany were forced to take a last name. I found out I was a jew because my twin was talking with another Meier on the internet and he brought it up.

Now, according to my dad and friends, I've always looked like a jew. No one ever told me. WTF? But that's neither here nor there.

See, the world hates jews. But not for the reason you think. You see, the world hates the jews for spiritual reasons that never enter the conscious mind. Sure, they justify it using their own belief structures. The real reason the world hates the jews is this: they hold the entirety of the Akhash.

Now, every one of us has our own personal akhashic record in our DNA. It's how we feel sensations and familiarities from other lifetimes. It's the instrument of karma through lifetimes. And for some, it's how we outright remember other lifetimes. It's part of our DNA.

However, the Jews carry ALL of the akhash. Now that gives them a lot of power. Not only that, jews are always have the choice to be reincarnated as jews. They are God's chosen people, only because they have been chosen to wear the bullseye that is the Akhash. It's a form of spiritual power greater than anyone else has because it is the whole memory of God. And everyone envys power they don't have.

Not only that, they are tied to the core energy of the planet. They are tied to the lowest harmonic currents of the planet. This makes them the root chord of a barbershop quartet. Which is funny, because I'm a bass in barbershop.

However, that makes it difficult to accomplish mastery. Jesus was born with it. Elijah was born with it. The rest of us have to fight through all of the darkness of earth. We have to lift the earth up on our shoulders to get it. No wonder my path has been so rough.

But fear not. There is a strength in all of us. A strength that is our inner voice. This voice, which comes from the Breath of God, is the Voice of God within us. When you need more strength, shout out for it. When you need a miracle, shout out for it. Jews, use this strength to raise the vibration of the core energy. Raise it until we can all walk on water.

Yes, no wonder the jews are the scapegoats of time. No wonder the jews feel like "this is always being done to us." It's a funny, ironic dynamic. One that you can take control of.

To quote a cartoon I loathe, the power is yours.


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