Sunday, September 03, 2006

The One Truth

Here it is. The One Truth. You'll never find it anywhere else. It has to come from this source. And if you buy that, I have some real estate in florida for you. And a discount on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Everyone is so busy trying to find "The Truth". I spent most of my life. Matter of fact, it wasn't until this evening that I realized my follow. Intellectually, it's easy to understand the concepts, but still be trapped by it.

As a scientist, I found the paradigm of Chaos Theory appealing on an emotional level. However, from a scientific point of view, I abandoned it very quickly. I've passed through many scientific paradigms into my own custom paradigms, of which I have created several as new information came to light.

I have done some pretty amazing things. However, I couldn't correspond each of these things into a paradigm. Some of the times, it seemed like what I was doing was a form of Christ consciousness. Other times, it looked like I was doing Shaman storm magick. How could both of these paradigms work for me in these different situations? How could I bridge the gap?

THen, refferring to a previous post, I decided to follow The Goddess because the paradigm allows me to use my power for me, not just to service a God who is perfectly capable of servicing himself. Take that any way you want.

Part of my Christ consciousness powers seemed to be death negation, a wicked time sense and future visions, and an ability to receive additional power as situations get more difficult than I can handle alone.

However, my Shaman powers seemed to give me control over storms that seem to come from inside of the storm itself, not from the outside. I wouldn't apply pressure on the outside of the storm, because that could have dangerous unbalancing effects. Instead, I juju'd the storm in a way internal to the storm that I didn't have the words to describe. I get amped up by storms.

Then, a connection developed. I recognized something. There were two elements in both of the magicks that I did: danger, and chaos. Since danger is enharently chaotic because it is rarely forseen, and thus it is unknown, they can be considered the same.

After realizing this, it not only explained each and everyone one of the magickal and miraculous effects that I have done, but it also explains how I can use this knowledge to icrease my abilities to get what I want.

So now, I'm a chaos witch. I use the term witch instead of wizard or warlock because witch implies a feminine connection to power, and chaos is a feminine element.

So now my connection to diety is KHAOS (original greek for chaos, much like HERACLES and Hercules). While there are some similarities between my paradigm and Set, I'm not evil. I'm here to bring people to a greater level of power and assuradness through chaos.

As that, I will be changing my mystical name soon. Look for that.

So, despite what I "learned", despite what I "proved", the truth was not some absolute... it was something that felt real within me even if my logic didn't agree with it. So, to help me be more chaotic, I am changing my scientific paradigm to Chaos Theory, to help ground me in chaos... with my chaos magick being the god of my scientific paradigm. A useful fiction.

But these kinds of explanations cannot come from chaos. So expect this to be the last of this kind of post. I'll see you on the other side of this cocoon, with a new name. Find your paradigm... what feels real to you, and reject everything else.

That is the One Truth.


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