Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Graphics

You might have noticed that we added new graphics. That's inline with our philosophy. Before I go into a deep explanation, please feel free to get a good look at it...

A lot of christians and muslims think in black and white. Good and evil. However, it's not that simple. In order to understand evil, you have to understand good. If good is good, and evil is evil, then why do people do bad things in the name of God? It's either good, or evil, right?

Good and Evil are misnomers. Let's start with Light and Dark. For these our graphics use the imagery of the sun and the corona from a solar eclipse. Light is about selflessness. Dark is about selfishness. Selflessness is always glorified. Selfishness is always vilified. That's because we live in a "corrupt" world. Here's what I mean by corrupt.

The duality pair is Abundance and Lack. With Abundance, the universe lifts you up and provides everything. With lack, you have to script, scrounge, and fight for everything you own. Both Selflessness and Selfishness can be corrupted by Lack. Christ is infinite abundance and infinite selflessness. The antichrist is infinite selfishness and infinite lack.

However, if someone was truly infinitely selfish, but also had infinite abundance, would they be evil? Think about it. They would have everything they want. Everything they need. There would be no motivation for evil. On the other hand, look at all of the grave injustices that have been done under selflessness, but in the mindframe of lack.

Think about it. The Crusades. Holy Wars. Jihad. Anything done for a higher calling or glory... that resulted in tragedy. You could even put the Third Reich and the Nazi party in that group. Anyone who serves an ideal and winds up comming attrocities is in this category.

If you were truly infinitely abundant, you'd trust God to handle your cause for you, in his time, with his gentleness.

Now you can see, Wiccans are more apt to be Christ like because most of them believe in infinite abundance... it is the source of their power. Their highest law also dictates a high degree of selflessness by giving power to the Three Times Three rule. Anything they do to others, they get it back three times three times three.

However, most Christians cannot do miracles... and considers anyone who does to be evil. They are so heavily grounded in the realm of lack that no wonder they sometimes act satanic. And at the very least, they act like a martyrous victim. Ellanor Roosevelt said, "There have never been any greater injustices done except by those who claim to be victims." That's the role that Christians like to play. They play the victim.

They don't trust their own God enough to tap into that infinite abundance that was his promis: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, say unto the mountain 'go unto the sea', and it will be done, and nothing will be impossible to you."

Unfortunately, it's not the Christians fault. The greed of the early Christian churches that herd the faithful into these areas of lack either sought the greed of money, political power, or of monopolizing the sacred texts and secret teachings.

Fight past it. Christianity was corrupted beyond recognition no more than 200 years after the Ressurrection. Reclaim your divine inheritance now.

It's not about light or dark. As long as you are infinitely abundant, because your trust in God is that great, you can be Christ or the Bride of Christ. Or anywhere in between. It's your show. Make your own path, future, and world. It's all up to you.


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