Sunday, September 03, 2006

msheekhah is no more

Yes, msheekhah has gone and so have his christian past. I am now Bhairon Huehuecoyotl. Let me give you some background into this change.

First, m'sheekhah is ancient aramaic for Christ. Bhairon is the chaos aspect of Shiva. Huehuecoyotl is the Aztec god Old, Old Coyote.

I've been learning magick for years from Raziel. However, something just wasn't clicking. I couldn't find a magickal paradigm that worked for me. Then, as I was looking for one this very night, I noticed that the miracles and magick I have performed before have two elements: danger and the unknown. Both elements of Chaos. Also, I had an uncanny time perception that even Kryon said would be impossible.

Chaos is a root element behind storm magick, which comes easy to me. Choas also is a root element in the miracles I have done which is kind of a temporal form of alter probability, altering the randomness of events in the future using the past and present to get the desired effect. All of my powers seemed to come from these two things.

Having recognized this, Chaos Magick seemed to be the answerr. Now, I feel that my abilities are taking off. I finally have a path I can work with. And now, I can take my future where I want it to go.

That being said, my choice in names should make more sense now.

Merry Meet. Bhairon.

P.S.: it's gonna take a few days to get everything changed over. Please be patient.


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