Monday, September 04, 2006

Chaos Magick

Turns out that I have been doing Chaos Magick for a long time. When I was young, my twin tried astral travel. He got himself in a bind. My youngest sister, who just knew things intuitively, told me to help him. So I "actively believed" that I could help him... blasting the malicious entity into nothing, then "actively disbelieved" the whole thing.

My whole problem with my magick paradigm is that I could never seem to get past a certain stuck point. That point was the keeping of my abilities without constant maintaining of the belief structure, except for those beliefs that carried over from a previous life or were reinforced by my parents.

So, to get past that, I had to learn how to make beliefs as potent as my parents instilled in me. This was something that no or very few magick traditions have figured out how to do. However, I don't give up easily.
  1. Decide that you're going to make a belief like you made before you were 3 years old. This is the magickal time of formative beliefs. Jesus was told he was the son of God at this age. The results were obviously effective.
  2. Decide what you want to believe.
  3. Decide how much you want to trust this belief... in the presense of duress or everyday life.
  4. Decide that while this belief is "new information to you", it is old information in that you have mastered this principle before in a previous life, so it should be easy for you now.
  5. Ask yourself "Tell me what belief will make doing this easy and fast." Believe in that belief energy response, and do it.
  6. Ask yourself "Tell me what belief will guarantee results as quickly as I want." Believe in that belief energy response, and do it.
Now, the difference between Chaos Magick and "choose your own paradigm" is that, in Chaos Magick, you never buy into a paradigm. You actively believe in whatever gets you the results you want, then throw away that belief. Clean the slate for something else. You literally have the power to create and destroy gods... demons... whatever. Let's say you want to stop a typhoon. You can believe in Poseidon... then you can believe that you are the incarna or first priest of Poseidon... channel his powers, negate the typhoon, then unbelieve it all and laugh at it. Not like the typhoon was real to begin with, either...

I had been intuitively doing that for years, but not consciously enough to use it on a willful basis. Now I'm getting the hang of it. Now it's getting interesting. When you master Chaos Magick on this level, reality becomes your playground.

Read this, it's full of useful information.

Nothing is true; everything is permitted. That is the Chaos Magician's Rede.

Thank Chaos.


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