Sunday, September 17, 2006

Them Darn Jews

I am a jew. I didn't know i was a jew until about a year ago. My mom's, mom's name was Dorothy Meier. Here's a small excerpt about that name.
  1. German, Dutch, Czech, Slovak (Majer), and Polish: status name for a tenant farmer, steward, overseer, or village headman, a variant spelling of German Meyer 1.
  2. Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant spelling of the personal name Meyer (see Meyer 2).
  3. Danish: occupational name from meiere ‘reaper’, ‘harvester’.

As you can see, the first and last uses of the name are status titles or job descriptions. Only the Jewish version of Meier is a family name. It was taken as a surname when all of the jews in a town in germany were forced to take a last name. I found out I was a jew because my twin was talking with another Meier on the internet and he brought it up.

Now, according to my dad and friends, I've always looked like a jew. No one ever told me. WTF? But that's neither here nor there.

See, the world hates jews. But not for the reason you think. You see, the world hates the jews for spiritual reasons that never enter the conscious mind. Sure, they justify it using their own belief structures. The real reason the world hates the jews is this: they hold the entirety of the Akhash.

Now, every one of us has our own personal akhashic record in our DNA. It's how we feel sensations and familiarities from other lifetimes. It's the instrument of karma through lifetimes. And for some, it's how we outright remember other lifetimes. It's part of our DNA.

However, the Jews carry ALL of the akhash. Now that gives them a lot of power. Not only that, jews are always have the choice to be reincarnated as jews. They are God's chosen people, only because they have been chosen to wear the bullseye that is the Akhash. It's a form of spiritual power greater than anyone else has because it is the whole memory of God. And everyone envys power they don't have.

Not only that, they are tied to the core energy of the planet. They are tied to the lowest harmonic currents of the planet. This makes them the root chord of a barbershop quartet. Which is funny, because I'm a bass in barbershop.

However, that makes it difficult to accomplish mastery. Jesus was born with it. Elijah was born with it. The rest of us have to fight through all of the darkness of earth. We have to lift the earth up on our shoulders to get it. No wonder my path has been so rough.

But fear not. There is a strength in all of us. A strength that is our inner voice. This voice, which comes from the Breath of God, is the Voice of God within us. When you need more strength, shout out for it. When you need a miracle, shout out for it. Jews, use this strength to raise the vibration of the core energy. Raise it until we can all walk on water.

Yes, no wonder the jews are the scapegoats of time. No wonder the jews feel like "this is always being done to us." It's a funny, ironic dynamic. One that you can take control of.

To quote a cartoon I loathe, the power is yours.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Graphics

You might have noticed that we added new graphics. That's inline with our philosophy. Before I go into a deep explanation, please feel free to get a good look at it...

A lot of christians and muslims think in black and white. Good and evil. However, it's not that simple. In order to understand evil, you have to understand good. If good is good, and evil is evil, then why do people do bad things in the name of God? It's either good, or evil, right?

Good and Evil are misnomers. Let's start with Light and Dark. For these our graphics use the imagery of the sun and the corona from a solar eclipse. Light is about selflessness. Dark is about selfishness. Selflessness is always glorified. Selfishness is always vilified. That's because we live in a "corrupt" world. Here's what I mean by corrupt.

The duality pair is Abundance and Lack. With Abundance, the universe lifts you up and provides everything. With lack, you have to script, scrounge, and fight for everything you own. Both Selflessness and Selfishness can be corrupted by Lack. Christ is infinite abundance and infinite selflessness. The antichrist is infinite selfishness and infinite lack.

However, if someone was truly infinitely selfish, but also had infinite abundance, would they be evil? Think about it. They would have everything they want. Everything they need. There would be no motivation for evil. On the other hand, look at all of the grave injustices that have been done under selflessness, but in the mindframe of lack.

Think about it. The Crusades. Holy Wars. Jihad. Anything done for a higher calling or glory... that resulted in tragedy. You could even put the Third Reich and the Nazi party in that group. Anyone who serves an ideal and winds up comming attrocities is in this category.

If you were truly infinitely abundant, you'd trust God to handle your cause for you, in his time, with his gentleness.

Now you can see, Wiccans are more apt to be Christ like because most of them believe in infinite abundance... it is the source of their power. Their highest law also dictates a high degree of selflessness by giving power to the Three Times Three rule. Anything they do to others, they get it back three times three times three.

However, most Christians cannot do miracles... and considers anyone who does to be evil. They are so heavily grounded in the realm of lack that no wonder they sometimes act satanic. And at the very least, they act like a martyrous victim. Ellanor Roosevelt said, "There have never been any greater injustices done except by those who claim to be victims." That's the role that Christians like to play. They play the victim.

They don't trust their own God enough to tap into that infinite abundance that was his promis: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, say unto the mountain 'go unto the sea', and it will be done, and nothing will be impossible to you."

Unfortunately, it's not the Christians fault. The greed of the early Christian churches that herd the faithful into these areas of lack either sought the greed of money, political power, or of monopolizing the sacred texts and secret teachings.

Fight past it. Christianity was corrupted beyond recognition no more than 200 years after the Ressurrection. Reclaim your divine inheritance now.

It's not about light or dark. As long as you are infinitely abundant, because your trust in God is that great, you can be Christ or the Bride of Christ. Or anywhere in between. It's your show. Make your own path, future, and world. It's all up to you.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Its your burrito, fix it how you like

Choices, everyone has choices....we all have free will. your life in this world is exactly what you have made it into nothing more nothing less, thare is no desteny, fate ,karma whatever you want to call it. Thare is no judgement for these choices either, its your burrito, fix it however you want to. everyones tastes are different what is good and light for me might be harmfull for the next guy. The reverse is also true. So remember your life is your reality, so have it your

Monday, September 04, 2006

Chaos Magick

Turns out that I have been doing Chaos Magick for a long time. When I was young, my twin tried astral travel. He got himself in a bind. My youngest sister, who just knew things intuitively, told me to help him. So I "actively believed" that I could help him... blasting the malicious entity into nothing, then "actively disbelieved" the whole thing.

My whole problem with my magick paradigm is that I could never seem to get past a certain stuck point. That point was the keeping of my abilities without constant maintaining of the belief structure, except for those beliefs that carried over from a previous life or were reinforced by my parents.

So, to get past that, I had to learn how to make beliefs as potent as my parents instilled in me. This was something that no or very few magick traditions have figured out how to do. However, I don't give up easily.
  1. Decide that you're going to make a belief like you made before you were 3 years old. This is the magickal time of formative beliefs. Jesus was told he was the son of God at this age. The results were obviously effective.
  2. Decide what you want to believe.
  3. Decide how much you want to trust this belief... in the presense of duress or everyday life.
  4. Decide that while this belief is "new information to you", it is old information in that you have mastered this principle before in a previous life, so it should be easy for you now.
  5. Ask yourself "Tell me what belief will make doing this easy and fast." Believe in that belief energy response, and do it.
  6. Ask yourself "Tell me what belief will guarantee results as quickly as I want." Believe in that belief energy response, and do it.
Now, the difference between Chaos Magick and "choose your own paradigm" is that, in Chaos Magick, you never buy into a paradigm. You actively believe in whatever gets you the results you want, then throw away that belief. Clean the slate for something else. You literally have the power to create and destroy gods... demons... whatever. Let's say you want to stop a typhoon. You can believe in Poseidon... then you can believe that you are the incarna or first priest of Poseidon... channel his powers, negate the typhoon, then unbelieve it all and laugh at it. Not like the typhoon was real to begin with, either...

I had been intuitively doing that for years, but not consciously enough to use it on a willful basis. Now I'm getting the hang of it. Now it's getting interesting. When you master Chaos Magick on this level, reality becomes your playground.

Read this, it's full of useful information.

Nothing is true; everything is permitted. That is the Chaos Magician's Rede.

Thank Chaos.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

msheekhah is no more

Yes, msheekhah has gone and so have his christian past. I am now Bhairon Huehuecoyotl. Let me give you some background into this change.

First, m'sheekhah is ancient aramaic for Christ. Bhairon is the chaos aspect of Shiva. Huehuecoyotl is the Aztec god Old, Old Coyote.

I've been learning magick for years from Raziel. However, something just wasn't clicking. I couldn't find a magickal paradigm that worked for me. Then, as I was looking for one this very night, I noticed that the miracles and magick I have performed before have two elements: danger and the unknown. Both elements of Chaos. Also, I had an uncanny time perception that even Kryon said would be impossible.

Chaos is a root element behind storm magick, which comes easy to me. Choas also is a root element in the miracles I have done which is kind of a temporal form of alter probability, altering the randomness of events in the future using the past and present to get the desired effect. All of my powers seemed to come from these two things.

Having recognized this, Chaos Magick seemed to be the answerr. Now, I feel that my abilities are taking off. I finally have a path I can work with. And now, I can take my future where I want it to go.

That being said, my choice in names should make more sense now.

Merry Meet. Bhairon.

P.S.: it's gonna take a few days to get everything changed over. Please be patient.

The One Truth

Here it is. The One Truth. You'll never find it anywhere else. It has to come from this source. And if you buy that, I have some real estate in florida for you. And a discount on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Everyone is so busy trying to find "The Truth". I spent most of my life. Matter of fact, it wasn't until this evening that I realized my follow. Intellectually, it's easy to understand the concepts, but still be trapped by it.

As a scientist, I found the paradigm of Chaos Theory appealing on an emotional level. However, from a scientific point of view, I abandoned it very quickly. I've passed through many scientific paradigms into my own custom paradigms, of which I have created several as new information came to light.

I have done some pretty amazing things. However, I couldn't correspond each of these things into a paradigm. Some of the times, it seemed like what I was doing was a form of Christ consciousness. Other times, it looked like I was doing Shaman storm magick. How could both of these paradigms work for me in these different situations? How could I bridge the gap?

THen, refferring to a previous post, I decided to follow The Goddess because the paradigm allows me to use my power for me, not just to service a God who is perfectly capable of servicing himself. Take that any way you want.

Part of my Christ consciousness powers seemed to be death negation, a wicked time sense and future visions, and an ability to receive additional power as situations get more difficult than I can handle alone.

However, my Shaman powers seemed to give me control over storms that seem to come from inside of the storm itself, not from the outside. I wouldn't apply pressure on the outside of the storm, because that could have dangerous unbalancing effects. Instead, I juju'd the storm in a way internal to the storm that I didn't have the words to describe. I get amped up by storms.

Then, a connection developed. I recognized something. There were two elements in both of the magicks that I did: danger, and chaos. Since danger is enharently chaotic because it is rarely forseen, and thus it is unknown, they can be considered the same.

After realizing this, it not only explained each and everyone one of the magickal and miraculous effects that I have done, but it also explains how I can use this knowledge to icrease my abilities to get what I want.

So now, I'm a chaos witch. I use the term witch instead of wizard or warlock because witch implies a feminine connection to power, and chaos is a feminine element.

So now my connection to diety is KHAOS (original greek for chaos, much like HERACLES and Hercules). While there are some similarities between my paradigm and Set, I'm not evil. I'm here to bring people to a greater level of power and assuradness through chaos.

As that, I will be changing my mystical name soon. Look for that.

So, despite what I "learned", despite what I "proved", the truth was not some absolute... it was something that felt real within me even if my logic didn't agree with it. So, to help me be more chaotic, I am changing my scientific paradigm to Chaos Theory, to help ground me in chaos... with my chaos magick being the god of my scientific paradigm. A useful fiction.

But these kinds of explanations cannot come from chaos. So expect this to be the last of this kind of post. I'll see you on the other side of this cocoon, with a new name. Find your paradigm... what feels real to you, and reject everything else.

That is the One Truth.