Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Problem With Christ

Most Christians can't do miracles. Those that can are unable to benefit from them themselves even if they are in dire need. This goes back to something in Revelations. It was said that Elijah would find "The Bride of Christ". Now, why would Christ need a bride? And would the fact that Christ had a bride make a feminine aspect of God (The Holy Mother instead of The Holy Ghost) make more sense?

Humanity has lived long in patriarchal societies. The prophets of all times have had to worry about giving too much truth. If they gave all of the truth they knew, it would fly too much into the face of convention, they would be lynched, and their messages would never get out. The idea of a feminine aspect of God is one of these ideas.

So, instead of the Holy Trinity, might it be the Holy Quadnity? God the Father, God the Mother, Christ, and the Bride of Christ?

This brings us to wicca, magick, and miracles. You see, God the Father is a masculine god. As is Christ a masculine son. They are about sending light outwards, through faith. They are very useful to change the world for everyone's benefit... to change things outside of you. However, it will never do you any personal good... allow no real change inside. This is why Jesus was an allowance for our sins, not an undoing of the sins... The masculine light goes outward, never inwards.

However, God the Mother is a feminine god. As is the Bride of Christ. They are about summoning the will inside to bring change and life to the inside. God the Father creates life outside, God the Mother creates life inside. Because of this, the power of God the Mother is very much for your personal good. It allows real change inside. This will actually allow the transcendance of sins... transcendance of The Garden. The feminine will goes inside, never outside.

So, to this end, Wicca is actually the Bride of Christ to modern Christianity. Without one, you are missing in the balance of helping others... and with the other, you are missing in the balance of helping yourself... These two diverse and antipathic traditions actually need the other's energy. The dogma is immaterial. The dogma is a result of the energy, not vice versa. The wiccan and christian communities need to embrace the masculine energies of God and Christ for masculine, external benefit, while embracing the feminine energies of The Goddess and the Bride of Christ for feminine, internal benefit. The names and rhetoric used to describe these energies are non-important... but the tapping into these energies really is.

When I was young, I saw Jesus. I saw him when my aunt was dying. He told me this was my mission. It is now complete.

What you do with it is up to you. As I have already mastered helping others with Christ energy, I am converting to Wicca to master helping myself with Bride of Christ energy... a gift from The Goddess.

Namaste. And merry meet.


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