Tuesday, August 15, 2006


You, precious human being, have been here before. Many times before. You have within you mastery. Every single one of you. What is mastery? Kryon puts it best...

"Kryon, what is mastery?" I'll tell you what it is, Human Being. It's when you walk around and you're not afraid of life. It's when you're peaceful when others are not. The situations that would cause drama in others do not in you. It's when the world around you is in chaos and you walk into it and you don't feel chaos. Instead, at some level you feel the wisdom of the ages. You absolutely know it doesn't have to affect you, and it doesn't have to touch you. It's when somebody yells at you and calls you a name and your first reaction is to wonder if they're right! That's mastery. A Human's first reaction is to fight back. A master's first reaction is to check themselves for integrity. Blessed is the Human Being who's asked for that this night for you're going to start to see a change in your life, and the earth will be a better place because of what you've done.

You see, we have a hard time reaching mastery because we have such high expectations for what mastery is. If you understand that this is what mastery is, then you will realize you already have it. You just have go open the closet of your past lives, find the mastery robe that you worked your ass off to get lifetime after lifetime, and put it on. You've already done the work. You've already achieved it. You just never thought to look in your own closet. The robes of mastery are already there.

Now, let's talk about climbing mountains. Boy, how we love to make things difficult. "In order to succeed, I have to do x, y, z, so on, and so forth, ad nauseum, etc." You're climbing the mountain on the steepest face when you don't notice, on the south side, there's a ski lift.

Yes, a ski lift. Already built there by your mastery in previous lives. Already built there by ascended masters. Even angels have contributed to the ski lifts. It's just like that commercial. The "Easy" button. Very good description.

Now, as long as you're convinced that there is no easy button, no ski lift, then you will have to climb mountains. Think of everything you do with mastery. Everything that amazes other people but its easy to you. You just press the "Easy" button. But why can't you do that for everything? Why can't I? Because we don't believe that this mountain has a ski lift. We believe that this task doesn't have an easy button. If we did, we'd press it in a new york second, wouldn't we?

So just go within your closet... put on your masters robes... and ask the masters that you used to be to show you the easy button... the ski lift to the top of the mountain... it's there.

Time is another mountain. "I need something, but nothing can happen in 3 days...". That's a mountain too. Use the ski lift. Press the easy button. Whatever the challenge, no matter what the extenuating circumstances, there's a ski lift. There's an easy button. So for your own sake, use it.


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