Sunday, July 16, 2006

Send Energy List

One of our jobs in this life is to lift up the vibration of dark places on this Earth. One of the interesting thing about the way Light works is that when you give it away, you have more of it than normal. So don't be stingy. You'll always have enough as long as you always give enough.

These are the places that we think Light needs to be sent most.

1) The Election Process: We are being funneled two mediocre or worse choices. Then, the men in power gain control through party affiliation and control the methodology on which valid ballots are determined. The last 2 elections this has determined the actual result. We need to send light to the process that gives us our choices... which ever party you are... and then send light to make sure that all legal ballets are actually counted and allowed.

2) Washington DC: Send them light with the message of actually serving the will of the people. If America knew what the government was doing in their name, they would be outraged.

3) Africa: Let's end AIDS.

4) Middle East: Let's bring accountability and responsibility to every party on both sides of the conflict. There are no innocents here.

5) Wicca: As evidenced by WitchVox, paganism is kind of breaking apart. Since the energy shift, most magic users are operating in the dark. Their powers don't work the same way. Let's send them light so they can see their way.

6) New Lightworkers: Let's send energy to attract those who want to be lightworkers to us... We all have the potential.



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