Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Philosophy Of God

When I was in phil 101 in college, we were studying the proof that "because evil exists, God doesn't exists." So, I turned the proof around. I made a proof that because God exists, evil doesn't exist.

1) God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.
2) God is perfect, infinite, and eternal.

Now, given these two statements, you can logically infer the following.

Since God is infinite, he's infinitely perfect. Since God is perfect, he's perfectly infinite. His infinite nature extends his perfection. So he's more than perfectly infinite, he is infinity itself. His perfect nature extends his infinity. So he's more than infinitely perfect, he's perfection itself.

Now God created the world. Therefore it is perfection.

God created Man. He was perfection.

God gave Man free will.

If God gave man the free will to destroy his own perfection, then he gave man the free will to destroy God's perfection. Creation would unmake itself, and God would never have existed.

However, God gave man the free will to decide and choose what to believe and know. In doing so, he had the free will to believe he was sinful and evil, but that doesn't make it so.

In the Bible, in Genesis, it said that Adam bit the apple and fell into a deep sleep. It NEVER said he actually woke up.

Think about that. My philosophy teacher, who was a southern baptist sunday school teacher, said that he couldn't find a flaw with my logic. He just couldn't accept it. The truth is often so simple, its hard to accept.

God created the angels. So obviously, they are good. If you visit the most accurate aramaic bible, you will see that Satan is actually translated as "The Adversary". Other translations of the phrase denote it as "The Evil One". Think about it. Adam falls into a deep sleep, and now there is something that is singularly evil. Aka, it is the only evil thing. But it is trying to convince you to see evil EVERYWHERE. The computer is evil. Homosexuals are evil. Children are evil. You see where I am going? But, this Evil One only exists in the dream of Adam. Adam represents the collective consciousness of man. The knowing that we are naked, aka, being ashamed of our bodies. That was the first example of us agreeing to see something as evil. Romans 14:14 said that there was nothing unclean of this earth. But we dream evil. Just remember, it is a dream, and has nothing to do with that which God created. If we, as humanity, collectively decide that evil cannot exist because God exists, then evil cannot exists. Then the fictionary dream character of Satan thus ceases to exist.


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