Thursday, July 13, 2006

Faith of a Mustard Seed

The biggest problem that exists with faith is belief. Faith is actually easy. We use it all the time. Belief is the tough one. However, let's look at how you can use faith to improve your life.

"If you have faith of a mustard seed, you can say unto the mountain, 'go into the sea', and it will be done, and nothing will be impossible to you." Nothing inside of your belief system.

Still, that's pretty powerful. When working in the confines of a belief system, faith can still be very nasty. Nasty as in powerful. Think about it like this:

I have faith that in this situation, God will give me all the strength, power, enlightenment, and awareness that I need to handle it perfectly.

Faith isn't power. Faith is trust that when you need power, or whatever you might need, God will provide to you... for free.

Now, apply this to imsomnia. Apply this to your bills. Apply this to cancer.

A lot of people will talk about "god's will" or a "higher plan". These people don't have the faith, imagination, or courage to see that God is merely testing us to see we can trust him to be our "invisible means of support". That's why it's called a "leap of faith".

A little testimony now. First time it happened, the idea that our thoughts were powerful were echoing through my mind. Then I became fearful that this girl would have an accident on her moped, involving a foot injury. Then the image of the accident appeared in my mind. As my fear increased, so did the vision's carnage. Suddenly, I was shown that I had the power to stop this. I knew God wouldn't have meant for this to happen. I trusted that if God gave me the power to make it happen, he would give me the power to save her. So I pushed back with my mind and envisioned and thought that she would only get a sprained ankle. At that moment, her back foot went into the rear spoke of the moped (being a passenger), and was pulled off the moped. My dad stopped the car and checked her foot. Only a sprain. This happened when I was in junior high.

Another time. I was taking care of my mom who had ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). She was completely immobile. She had someone to watch after her when I was at work. However, as soon as I got home, I had to take care of her. This included waking up every 15 minutes or so to roll her over, smooth out her sheets, or reposition her so that she wouldn't get bed sores or so that she wouldn't loose circulation. That kind of sleep interruption can drive a person crazy. I was unintentionally letting my frustration out on her. So I said to God, "give me the power to take care of her". Suddenly, when she called me, I woke up, filled with Spirit, and ministered to her. When I woke in the morning, I wasn't tired. My work didn't suffer. Everything was perfect.

This ability has also saved my life on countless occaisions. You see, I have been trying to unlock the secrets to faith the size of a mustard seed for more than a decade. I spend more time thinking about how to do that than I do thinking about sex. For a man, that's quite impressive. Because of this quest, I have this conviction that God wouldn't want me to die because I haven't figured out the secret yet and shared it with the world. Because of that conviction, everytime I am alerted to possible impending death (uh, I see the angel of death. not the first time, not the last.), then I have faith that God will give me the power to not die.

However, because of my beliefs, I have trouble converting that faith into something that will pay my bills or get me a better job. I've stopped tornadoes in their tracks. That stuff is easier to me than getting a date on friday night.

As you believe, so it will be. Namaste.


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