Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Philosophy Of God

When I was in phil 101 in college, we were studying the proof that "because evil exists, God doesn't exists." So, I turned the proof around. I made a proof that because God exists, evil doesn't exist.

1) God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.
2) God is perfect, infinite, and eternal.

Now, given these two statements, you can logically infer the following.

Since God is infinite, he's infinitely perfect. Since God is perfect, he's perfectly infinite. His infinite nature extends his perfection. So he's more than perfectly infinite, he is infinity itself. His perfect nature extends his infinity. So he's more than infinitely perfect, he's perfection itself.

Now God created the world. Therefore it is perfection.

God created Man. He was perfection.

God gave Man free will.

If God gave man the free will to destroy his own perfection, then he gave man the free will to destroy God's perfection. Creation would unmake itself, and God would never have existed.

However, God gave man the free will to decide and choose what to believe and know. In doing so, he had the free will to believe he was sinful and evil, but that doesn't make it so.

In the Bible, in Genesis, it said that Adam bit the apple and fell into a deep sleep. It NEVER said he actually woke up.

Think about that. My philosophy teacher, who was a southern baptist sunday school teacher, said that he couldn't find a flaw with my logic. He just couldn't accept it. The truth is often so simple, its hard to accept.

God created the angels. So obviously, they are good. If you visit the most accurate aramaic bible, you will see that Satan is actually translated as "The Adversary". Other translations of the phrase denote it as "The Evil One". Think about it. Adam falls into a deep sleep, and now there is something that is singularly evil. Aka, it is the only evil thing. But it is trying to convince you to see evil EVERYWHERE. The computer is evil. Homosexuals are evil. Children are evil. You see where I am going? But, this Evil One only exists in the dream of Adam. Adam represents the collective consciousness of man. The knowing that we are naked, aka, being ashamed of our bodies. That was the first example of us agreeing to see something as evil. Romans 14:14 said that there was nothing unclean of this earth. But we dream evil. Just remember, it is a dream, and has nothing to do with that which God created. If we, as humanity, collectively decide that evil cannot exist because God exists, then evil cannot exists. Then the fictionary dream character of Satan thus ceases to exist.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Don Presents: Nuub Questions

1) What is the fist step to enlightenment?

wise_but_mysterious: Belief. Knowing whole-heartedly that something is the truth.

seraphimrazael: there is no first step or last step. it is merely a choice.

msheekhah: wanting. you have to want enlightenment more than you want what you currently have.

2) How do I know when it's time to make the choice?

wise_but_mysterious: You'll know. It will be blatantly obvious.

seraphimrazael: You've already made the decision. Now you just have to understand why.

msheekhah: When you decide you're fed up with what you have, because it is not working for you.

3) How do I know this shit is real?

wise_but_mysterious: I will refer to a Harvard Psychology Professor... He asks his class this same question every year for the last 15 years... "Prove to me that this chair exists". Only the blind man answers correctly. "What chair?"

seraphimrazael: How do you know you're real? How do you know anything is real? It's just a matter of choice.

msheekhah: If you ask and allow your idea of a higher power to prove it to you, and believe that it can and will, you will know this shit is real. However, if you don't believe in something greater than yourself, then you must somehow be greater than the universe.

4) If I'm greater than the universe, then why can't I change things?

wise_but_mysterious: consentual reality. There are a lot more people who believe differently than you than there are who believe like you. If everyone in the world believed it, then it would be so.

seraphimrazael: because you've used all of your awesome god-like power to convince yourself that you don't have any. Change that perspective, and change your reality.

msheekhah: because you didn't have the courage to tell your parents how insane they were for thinking you were less than omnipotent when you were a small baby. Instead, you believed them, adopted the fears they filled you with. A good example. Can you remember ever falling off your bike BEFORE you parents first warned you that you could do that? No. It never happened. Not until they instilled that fear into you. Same with reality.

5) You've been talking alot about belief. How do you change your belief?

wise_but_mysterious: Boils down to choice.

seraphimrazael: How do you change your socks? You just do it.

msheekhah: You become who you pretend to be. I had a friend who had a real rage problem. She would shake uncontrollably when her baby cried. The shaking was her suppressing her urge to hurt it. She didn't want to be like that. So one day, when she sits her kid down in front of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, something occurs to her. She starts watching it with her kid. Then she starts pretending to be like Mr. Rogers. After several weeks of this, she finds that she has the rage no more. She's now a Quaker and one of the most gentle souls I have ever met.

6) I've recently been reading some books on unlocking the psychic within. I keep seeing shit. Things that aren't there. Hearing voices. Is this normal.

wise_but_mysterious: There might be a problem here. Please seek professional help. *laughs*

seraphimrazael: One of two possibilities. My rather sarcastic friend could be right. And you do suffer from psychotic delusions that require professional help. But, there's always the second alternative. You are reading these books must have unlocked something. By giving yourself permission, you have unlocked your ability to see things beyond normal perception. They cannot harm you unless you believe they can.

msheekhah: Well, NLP teaches that schizophrenia really isn't a disease. It's a very powerful coping mechanism. Very few cases occur spontaneously that didn't develop in childhood. This is because it is an unconscious mind adaptation to stresses and forces that the child is otherwise incapable of handling. Even then, it's a powerful coping mechanism, that fulfills a very powerful purpose. The short of it is: you created it when you needed it, so you can let it go when you don't need it anymore.
But, it could also be that you're accessing psychic information from the unconscious mind, but you haven't necessarily learned to interpret what the unconscious mind is trying to tell you. Kind of like dreams. Again, this is completely under your control. All you have to do is sincerely want to understand what it means, and allow your unconscious mind to fill in the gaps.

7) What exactly is the unconscious mind and how to do I learn to interpret it?

wise_but_mysterious: I agree with razael below...

seraphimrazael: Your unconscious mind is a higher part of yourself. You don't learn to talk to it, it chooses to talk to you.

msheekhah: In order to interpret your unconscious mind, you need to learn to think like an infant or young child. We think in linear thought processes. However, what I remember of my young childhood and the way my mind worked is very much like the unconcsiouc mind works. It is incapable of virtualization. It always sees things in terms of absolute truth and absolute usefulness. Concepts are foreign to it. Right and wrong are merely what feels good and what doesn't. However, this part of your brain isn't merely a child's mind. It is the most powerful part of your mind. It is still innocent, yet it is capable of everything that the ascended masters have done. It just needs you to get out of the way and believe in it.

8) Do you worship the devil?

wise_but_mysterious: I don't believe in the devil. There is no absolute good or evil. There is only energy that is put forth by humans. It's like computers. They can be used for good things or bad things. Just like anything else. It just all depends on your intent. Intent is the second point of magick.

Alastar: There really is no such thing as Satan. It is merely an misinterpretation of the serpent in Genesis. In my belief, the serpent was used to represent one's own choice. The serpent representing the darker choice.

msheekhah: The consentual belief of the mass of humanity agrees in some majority in Satan. So in that sense, the conceptual creation of humanity makes it real. However, I can tell you for a fact that there is no Satan that is not a product of Man through his belief. Man has long in its religions used gods and totems to describe various forces and events that happen in nature. Sun gods. Thunder gods. Gods of good. Gods of evil. This is externalization of your own responsibility to choose what you want.
Good is a misnomer. The true essence of Good is creating win-win scenarios. That which brings unity. The true essence of Evil is that which separates. Holiness intrinsicly means sacred oneness. So, those religious leaders that would drive walls between "us" and "them" are evil, and those who make the two one, they are good.

9) I just finished reading "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein. When Valentine Michael Smith says, "Thou art God", is he correct?

wise_but_mysterious: Think of God not as a physical entity, but as an energy. Sort of like thermal, magnetic, or nuclear. Imagine that every single thing on the face of this planet, living or not, all have this energy source in them at its base level. That would mean that God is in everything, therefore God IS everything. Holding true that thou art God, and so am I. Christ was asked "Are you the only begotten son of God?" He said, "Yes, yes I am. But so are you." Christ said that out of all of the miracles he had every performed, we would do greater. If Christ is God, and I will one day do greater than him, what does that make me?

Alastar: Yes. He was correct in stating that thou art God. Everyone and pretty much everything has the ability to create anything. You create the reality that you live in. And people's consentual reality of "God" in fact created said God. So, if you were the one that created God, what does that make you?

msheekhah: Can you imagine yourself walking on water? Can you imagine yourself walking on water as though it was real? Can you imagine yourself walking on water as easily as you walk on land? Can you expect that the next time you walk on water, it will be as solid as land? Can you perceive no difference in difficulty between walking on water as walking on land? These are your only obstacles to your Godhood. Only your mind is in your way. The divinity is already there.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Send Energy List

One of our jobs in this life is to lift up the vibration of dark places on this Earth. One of the interesting thing about the way Light works is that when you give it away, you have more of it than normal. So don't be stingy. You'll always have enough as long as you always give enough.

These are the places that we think Light needs to be sent most.

1) The Election Process: We are being funneled two mediocre or worse choices. Then, the men in power gain control through party affiliation and control the methodology on which valid ballots are determined. The last 2 elections this has determined the actual result. We need to send light to the process that gives us our choices... which ever party you are... and then send light to make sure that all legal ballets are actually counted and allowed.

2) Washington DC: Send them light with the message of actually serving the will of the people. If America knew what the government was doing in their name, they would be outraged.

3) Africa: Let's end AIDS.

4) Middle East: Let's bring accountability and responsibility to every party on both sides of the conflict. There are no innocents here.

5) Wicca: As evidenced by WitchVox, paganism is kind of breaking apart. Since the energy shift, most magic users are operating in the dark. Their powers don't work the same way. Let's send them light so they can see their way.

6) New Lightworkers: Let's send energy to attract those who want to be lightworkers to us... We all have the potential.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Faith of a Mustard Seed

The biggest problem that exists with faith is belief. Faith is actually easy. We use it all the time. Belief is the tough one. However, let's look at how you can use faith to improve your life.

"If you have faith of a mustard seed, you can say unto the mountain, 'go into the sea', and it will be done, and nothing will be impossible to you." Nothing inside of your belief system.

Still, that's pretty powerful. When working in the confines of a belief system, faith can still be very nasty. Nasty as in powerful. Think about it like this:

I have faith that in this situation, God will give me all the strength, power, enlightenment, and awareness that I need to handle it perfectly.

Faith isn't power. Faith is trust that when you need power, or whatever you might need, God will provide to you... for free.

Now, apply this to imsomnia. Apply this to your bills. Apply this to cancer.

A lot of people will talk about "god's will" or a "higher plan". These people don't have the faith, imagination, or courage to see that God is merely testing us to see we can trust him to be our "invisible means of support". That's why it's called a "leap of faith".

A little testimony now. First time it happened, the idea that our thoughts were powerful were echoing through my mind. Then I became fearful that this girl would have an accident on her moped, involving a foot injury. Then the image of the accident appeared in my mind. As my fear increased, so did the vision's carnage. Suddenly, I was shown that I had the power to stop this. I knew God wouldn't have meant for this to happen. I trusted that if God gave me the power to make it happen, he would give me the power to save her. So I pushed back with my mind and envisioned and thought that she would only get a sprained ankle. At that moment, her back foot went into the rear spoke of the moped (being a passenger), and was pulled off the moped. My dad stopped the car and checked her foot. Only a sprain. This happened when I was in junior high.

Another time. I was taking care of my mom who had ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). She was completely immobile. She had someone to watch after her when I was at work. However, as soon as I got home, I had to take care of her. This included waking up every 15 minutes or so to roll her over, smooth out her sheets, or reposition her so that she wouldn't get bed sores or so that she wouldn't loose circulation. That kind of sleep interruption can drive a person crazy. I was unintentionally letting my frustration out on her. So I said to God, "give me the power to take care of her". Suddenly, when she called me, I woke up, filled with Spirit, and ministered to her. When I woke in the morning, I wasn't tired. My work didn't suffer. Everything was perfect.

This ability has also saved my life on countless occaisions. You see, I have been trying to unlock the secrets to faith the size of a mustard seed for more than a decade. I spend more time thinking about how to do that than I do thinking about sex. For a man, that's quite impressive. Because of this quest, I have this conviction that God wouldn't want me to die because I haven't figured out the secret yet and shared it with the world. Because of that conviction, everytime I am alerted to possible impending death (uh, I see the angel of death. not the first time, not the last.), then I have faith that God will give me the power to not die.

However, because of my beliefs, I have trouble converting that faith into something that will pay my bills or get me a better job. I've stopped tornadoes in their tracks. That stuff is easier to me than getting a date on friday night.

As you believe, so it will be. Namaste.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Much Ado About Spells

In reality, there isn't much difference between effective spells, prayer, and visualization techniques. However, notice that I used the word "effective". Have you seen the movie "The Butterfly Effect"? It's based on the Chaos theory that if a butterfly flaps its wings in South America, a monsoon could result over Malaysia. This applies very heavily to magick and miracles.

Thought = energy. Attention = energy. Energy = matter. See where I'm going with this? "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say unto the mountain 'go unto the sea' and it will be done." This is a matter of physics. The masters who could do these things knew something you didn't. Time = energy. Magnetism = Gravity = energy. What we consider space is an energy construct of a higher order, a higher dimension. While E = MC^2, there is room to express all of these in this equation. Here's the real kicker.

The masters knew that they lived in two places at once. They lived here on Earth. They also lived outside of the constructs of this world. They exist as a spiritual being, one that is too massive in its vibration and scope to fit completely inside of a human body. The part of the master that lives in his "native realm", outside of the construct of space and time is his "higher self", "angelic self", or "god self".

Now, notice how I refer to this world as a construct. It is. The part of us that is outside of this world helped create it. However, our human bodies don't allow us the same powers we have outside the construct. We have to learn how to use our powers. We have to start from scratch.

Faith the size of a mustard seed was a reference to something. Something very specific. Have you ever had a moment where you needed something you couldn't possibly get, an outcome or a thing, and somehow... it happened. The vibration of energy around the occurence was nothing short of spectacular. Something happened exactly when you needed it to, and your need was fulfilled, almost without your even asking?

That right there is the secret to the masters. This is their "interdimensional pocket". Think of it like your pants pocket... that bleeds through into the place where the rest of you is. It's like your pants pocket because it's always right there, just waiting to be used. When you need it most it's there. But you have to believe. And have faith.

Ever notice that when you think or feel something long enough or hard enough, it winds up coming true? Most of us think that is just because we have a pretty good assesment on reality. WRONG. You are using thought, emotion, and attention, which is energy, which is matter, to MAKE IT HAPPEN. No bullshit. Everyone does it and few recognize it. Now, to prove it to yourself, you have to control your thoughts, emotions, and attention. Which means controlling your beliefs and your faith. Not an easy task.

I'm going to teach you two techniques. They work equally well if you think of them as magick or as prayer. That's because the only difference between the two is the judgemental dogma that separates them.

The Basic Spell: Visualize what you want. See it. See it as clearly as you can. Make sure that you see yourself inside of the visualization. Once you have that concreted, then the fun begins. Send energy to visualization. If you can't figure out how to do that, send positive feeling and positive thought into it. It's the same thing. Fill it to the brim. Till the visualization can't hold anymore. Then let it go and forget about it. Remember "The Butterfly Effect". It only takes a butterfly flapping its wings to change the weather pattern across the world.

Congratulations. You're a witch. Or a Christian who has mastered effective prayer. You can even put a "thank you god, amen" at the end if you want. It works either way.

The Basic Miracle: For the most part, this requires that you be in a situation that you are completely incapable of handling. First, convince yourself that God wouldn't give you a challenge you couldn't handle unless he also gave you the power to handle it. Then, just reach into that power and do it.

Now, for those out there who might want to share their own tricks, email us. Have fun.