Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to Operation Red Pill.

Welcome to Operation Red Pill. Free your mind. As a brief info, this is not a matrix cult. We use pop culture terminology to convey ideas traditionally found only in spiritual paths that yield magic and miracles. We are a collection of magical or miracle minded people who are trying to change the dominant paradigm on magic and miracles. Magic and miracles are not only real and occur frequently, they are neither evil or of the devil.

What power does the dark have over the light? None. The light shines, then the darkness disappears. Miracles and magic (or magick) comes from the light, because only the light has power. Darkness can cloud, confuse, and lie. It has no power. No authority.

While the Christian testiments do not explicitly state this, this teaching is completely congruent with Christianity. You do not have to be a pagan or worship other gods in order to develop magic and miracles.

Reality is based on consentual belief and faith. Individuals with strong enough faith and belief can transcend consentual reality. A group of like-minded invidviduals with the same strong faith and belief can do so more easily. Thus we encourage, whatever your spiritual views, to join with people who view God as you do to join together in the develop of your magic or miracles.

Free your mind.


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