Thursday, June 29, 2006

Relationships and Spirituality

One of the things I've notices about interactions between one human being and another is that, if a person is on a spiritually oriented path, and they've made any kind of progression on it, a lot of times they don't get along with people who aren't on a spiritually kind of path. It's generally a disdain from the spiritual to the non-spiritual person. Now, I've tried to discover the significance of the phenomenon, and noticed that it transcended any actual religion. It lies with the individual. I looked at the spiritual people and found that most of them were different but were basically saying the same thing. If you look at the avatars of spirituality, the buddha, the mohhamed, the jesus, they got along with their followers and that was just about it. Everybody else, they seemed to irritate to no end and eventually drive to the end of that master. Very few prophets died a natural death. This leads me to a conclusion: the truth pisses people off. Why does it piss people off? Because the average person doesn't have that truth. Sour grapes. They don't think they could ever have it, so they hate those that do have it. The irony is that they have just as much chance of getting it as the master they just murdered. And that pretty much describes the sad state the world is in. So, in a sense, the non-spiritual person is right from the sense that by killing the only source of enlightenment, they guarantee they can't get it. But on the other hand, they are actually using enlightenment to deny that they have it or can have it, since we are all born with it and can't throw it away. We can't make air go away by wishing it. We can just ignore it. That's why the average normal person is quite insane. Arguing with yourself, using your power to prove that you don't have it is quite insane. It takes a real professional football player to use all his ability to fail spectacularly. Think about it, if you're not good at something, you can't do a lot of harm with it. But if you're a hacker, you can do a lot of things by intentionally making a mistake that is impossible for an idiot to do. Empires have fallen for less. So remember, when you're thinking to yourself, "I can't", it is an illusion created by your own mind, to prove to yourself that you don't have any power using your own infinite power to do so. If you sit back and look at the irony of it, maybe you'll realize just how silly you're being, and use your own immense power to prove to yourself that you do have it. That's all I have to say for now. Let that cook your noodle for a little while.


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