Monday, June 26, 2006

No such thing as White Magic?

Before our discussion today, please read over this very concise critique of White Magic by the good people at RBC ministries.

They make the following points:
  • In contrast to magic, prayer (when properly understood) appeals to a personal source of power -- an Ultimate Authority who is in charge of our lives and to whom we must be submissive ( Matthew 16:25 ).2
  • The Bible indicates that there is no legitimate impersonal source of magical power. It condemns all magic equally.3
  • Unlike science, magic doesn't depend on the careful observation of nature, and isn't accessible to anyone who has the discipline to follow its rules. Magic violates natural law and is accessible only to an initiated few who know the secret rituals that unleash its preternatural power.
  • According to Scripture, all real magic -- whether "white" or "black" -- draws its power from divinely forbidden, demonic sources that influence the magician both outside himself and within his being.
Now, I will offer my insights on a point by point basis.
  • I have studied Christianity in depth, as a good Christian should. I have also studied a lot of other religions and spiritual traditions. I've even studied several magic traditions. Every "witch" or magic user I have ever witnessed had a personal source of Ultimate Authority who must be honored and obeyed. Those I have witnessed who haven't were not capable of producing any magical results. They merely used social pressure and peer tactics to engender belief.
  • I agree with this completely, and all true magick and miracles I have seen performed corresponded to this perfectly.
  • The problem with the natural laws is that Jesus told us "if you have faith of a mustard seed, you can say unto the mountain, go unto the sea, and it will be done, and nothing will be impossible to you." He also said when you pray, "ask, and believe that you have received, and it will not be denied to you." Our beliefs and faith are what actually define the natural laws according to these statements.
  • Satan is the dark to God's light. Satan has no more power over God than dark has over the light. Flip a light switch, and the darkness ceases to exist. One cannot generate power using darkness. That is why Earth orbits a Sun, not a black hole. No life could exist because no power exists. Satan will lie to you. Satan will tempt you to forsake God in your magic. But the power isn't inherently evil. Romans 14:14 said that there was nothing unclean of the earth. The powers of faith and belief you have been given are perfectly natural. Just honor God and glorify God as you use them. You don't need rituals. Develop your own way through your faith and belief in God. Miracles are not just for Saints. Magick is not just for the damned. It's not the source of magic that can damn you. It's what you believe the source of the magic is that can damn you.


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