Wednesday, June 28, 2006

About Ki

This tidbit is from our good friend wise_but_mysterious. Ki is an energy used for martial arts and healing in Eastern philosophies. It comes naturally from every living thing. Since God created our bodies, God created our ki. Thus its use cannot be satanic. This being stated, if a man levitates using his ki, most Christians would deem this "the devil's work", "the devil made him fly". But I say unto them, "But God created this energy, this force. How can it be evil? How can it be satanic?"

There are martial artists who have used this force created by God to do various "miracles". For instance, a few martial arts masters can bend a 3" diameter bar with their hands. Scientists have documented numerous accounts of extra-human strength during times of duress. They attribute it to adrenaline and endorphines, however, such chemical processes would not directly affect the tension strength of muscle tissue or the amount of stress necessary to tear said muscle tissue. Yet there are documented stories about a mother lifting a dumptruck off her infant. You can find these kinds of stories if you look hard enough. I attribute these feats to ki, the spiritual energy that flows from Heaven to Earth using our bodies as a conduit.

Ki is an energy radiating from your body. It is kind of like air. You don't really notice it around you, unless there is a strong wind. In martial arts, the use of ki awakens your senses and you detect what before felt like nothing. If you were to be attacked using a ki move, you would definitely sense your own ki after that.

Any Christian who wishes to learn about ki or has any rebuttal, please feel free to contact us.


Blogger Drakron said...

If need be I can also offer help with matters pertaining to Ki. My offer stands for more advanced Ki users, but what the hey, I can teach the new guys the fundamentals as well.

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