Thursday, June 29, 2006

Relationships and Spirituality

One of the things I've notices about interactions between one human being and another is that, if a person is on a spiritually oriented path, and they've made any kind of progression on it, a lot of times they don't get along with people who aren't on a spiritually kind of path. It's generally a disdain from the spiritual to the non-spiritual person. Now, I've tried to discover the significance of the phenomenon, and noticed that it transcended any actual religion. It lies with the individual. I looked at the spiritual people and found that most of them were different but were basically saying the same thing. If you look at the avatars of spirituality, the buddha, the mohhamed, the jesus, they got along with their followers and that was just about it. Everybody else, they seemed to irritate to no end and eventually drive to the end of that master. Very few prophets died a natural death. This leads me to a conclusion: the truth pisses people off. Why does it piss people off? Because the average person doesn't have that truth. Sour grapes. They don't think they could ever have it, so they hate those that do have it. The irony is that they have just as much chance of getting it as the master they just murdered. And that pretty much describes the sad state the world is in. So, in a sense, the non-spiritual person is right from the sense that by killing the only source of enlightenment, they guarantee they can't get it. But on the other hand, they are actually using enlightenment to deny that they have it or can have it, since we are all born with it and can't throw it away. We can't make air go away by wishing it. We can just ignore it. That's why the average normal person is quite insane. Arguing with yourself, using your power to prove that you don't have it is quite insane. It takes a real professional football player to use all his ability to fail spectacularly. Think about it, if you're not good at something, you can't do a lot of harm with it. But if you're a hacker, you can do a lot of things by intentionally making a mistake that is impossible for an idiot to do. Empires have fallen for less. So remember, when you're thinking to yourself, "I can't", it is an illusion created by your own mind, to prove to yourself that you don't have any power using your own infinite power to do so. If you sit back and look at the irony of it, maybe you'll realize just how silly you're being, and use your own immense power to prove to yourself that you do have it. That's all I have to say for now. Let that cook your noodle for a little while.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Lord's Prayer in the language Jesus spoke.

The Lord's Prayer in the language Jesus spoke. Aramaic. Listen to the words with the included audio. Look at the translation. George Lamsa's Aramaic Bible was not as accurate as this merely because the document it is based on, The Peshitta, was translated from Aramaic into Greek, then back into Aramaic. Persue through the site and find out the history of the dead language that has preserved Jesus' original message.

About Ki

This tidbit is from our good friend wise_but_mysterious. Ki is an energy used for martial arts and healing in Eastern philosophies. It comes naturally from every living thing. Since God created our bodies, God created our ki. Thus its use cannot be satanic. This being stated, if a man levitates using his ki, most Christians would deem this "the devil's work", "the devil made him fly". But I say unto them, "But God created this energy, this force. How can it be evil? How can it be satanic?"

There are martial artists who have used this force created by God to do various "miracles". For instance, a few martial arts masters can bend a 3" diameter bar with their hands. Scientists have documented numerous accounts of extra-human strength during times of duress. They attribute it to adrenaline and endorphines, however, such chemical processes would not directly affect the tension strength of muscle tissue or the amount of stress necessary to tear said muscle tissue. Yet there are documented stories about a mother lifting a dumptruck off her infant. You can find these kinds of stories if you look hard enough. I attribute these feats to ki, the spiritual energy that flows from Heaven to Earth using our bodies as a conduit.

Ki is an energy radiating from your body. It is kind of like air. You don't really notice it around you, unless there is a strong wind. In martial arts, the use of ki awakens your senses and you detect what before felt like nothing. If you were to be attacked using a ki move, you would definitely sense your own ki after that.

Any Christian who wishes to learn about ki or has any rebuttal, please feel free to contact us.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why Jesus Is Christ, And No One Else Gets Him

Here's an exercise. Go to a good bible search site and look up the word faith in the Kings James Version of the New Testament. Now, I found it interesting that in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the word faith used by Jesus indicates a power so vast that one can levitate crops (Luke 17:6 KJV), move mountains into the sea (Matt. 21:21 KJV), do anything with nothing being impossible (Matt. 17:20 KJV), and do anything that is according to their faith (Matt. 9:29 KJV). However, when you look at the uses of the word faith from Acts on, it is used very differently. It becomes faith in the church, faith in the Lord, faith in Jesus... in a way that is more a loyalty and trust in an establishment or object of worship. Faith becomes transformed from a secret power of the universe into joining a fraternity. Say that you have faith in Jesus. Say you believe he's the son of God. But Jesus never taught faith in social or organizational applications. He taught that faith was that power of all of us to be okay in the now despite our condition. He also taught that the smallest amount of faith could completely warp the laws of physics.

Here is a very comprehensive, if not exceedingly detailed, history of the Catholic Church. Keep in mind that the original Christian churches were Jews, and there were violent conflicts between the jewish christians and the pagan christians out of the Roman Empire and surrounding pagan localities. Christianity was first adopted by the Greeks, who carried the torch for a while. However, nowhere in the Bible did Jesus give authority of the church to the Greeks. Then Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Catholic Church was born. However, their only doctrine tying them to Jesus was Peter, and the claim that its popes were the reincarnation of Peter.

Now, when the Protestant Reformation occured, a lot of the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church changed. Much for the better in my opinion. However, they lacked a direct lineage of teaching that went back to Peter. The Catholic Church had been using its religious power for political and financial gain and control. This was part of the reasoning for the Catholic Reformation.

Now, look at the uses of the word faith in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These documents were created when Christianity was still in the hands of the Jews. Still under the influence of Peter's church and his lineage. However, Acts was written as a series of Christian propoganda to spread Christianity to the Romans, Greeks, and barbarians. Pagans. This is the lineage that all Western Christian churches have inherited. Without that unbroken lineage from Peter, no Christian can know exactly for sure what Christ exactly meant.

There is a solution. Read over the links on our navbar. Read their translations. These documents were made before Christianity was adopted by the Greek or Romans. While none of them may come from the lineage of Peter, they are closer to that lineage. In addition, if you cross reference material that is supposedly a direct quote from Jesus, look for the commonalities, and follow your own heart, you can derive wisdom that The Bible alone will never give you.

Monday, June 26, 2006

No such thing as White Magic?

Before our discussion today, please read over this very concise critique of White Magic by the good people at RBC ministries.

They make the following points:
  • In contrast to magic, prayer (when properly understood) appeals to a personal source of power -- an Ultimate Authority who is in charge of our lives and to whom we must be submissive ( Matthew 16:25 ).2
  • The Bible indicates that there is no legitimate impersonal source of magical power. It condemns all magic equally.3
  • Unlike science, magic doesn't depend on the careful observation of nature, and isn't accessible to anyone who has the discipline to follow its rules. Magic violates natural law and is accessible only to an initiated few who know the secret rituals that unleash its preternatural power.
  • According to Scripture, all real magic -- whether "white" or "black" -- draws its power from divinely forbidden, demonic sources that influence the magician both outside himself and within his being.
Now, I will offer my insights on a point by point basis.
  • I have studied Christianity in depth, as a good Christian should. I have also studied a lot of other religions and spiritual traditions. I've even studied several magic traditions. Every "witch" or magic user I have ever witnessed had a personal source of Ultimate Authority who must be honored and obeyed. Those I have witnessed who haven't were not capable of producing any magical results. They merely used social pressure and peer tactics to engender belief.
  • I agree with this completely, and all true magick and miracles I have seen performed corresponded to this perfectly.
  • The problem with the natural laws is that Jesus told us "if you have faith of a mustard seed, you can say unto the mountain, go unto the sea, and it will be done, and nothing will be impossible to you." He also said when you pray, "ask, and believe that you have received, and it will not be denied to you." Our beliefs and faith are what actually define the natural laws according to these statements.
  • Satan is the dark to God's light. Satan has no more power over God than dark has over the light. Flip a light switch, and the darkness ceases to exist. One cannot generate power using darkness. That is why Earth orbits a Sun, not a black hole. No life could exist because no power exists. Satan will lie to you. Satan will tempt you to forsake God in your magic. But the power isn't inherently evil. Romans 14:14 said that there was nothing unclean of the earth. The powers of faith and belief you have been given are perfectly natural. Just honor God and glorify God as you use them. You don't need rituals. Develop your own way through your faith and belief in God. Miracles are not just for Saints. Magick is not just for the damned. It's not the source of magic that can damn you. It's what you believe the source of the magic is that can damn you.

Welcome to Operation Red Pill.

Welcome to Operation Red Pill. Free your mind. As a brief info, this is not a matrix cult. We use pop culture terminology to convey ideas traditionally found only in spiritual paths that yield magic and miracles. We are a collection of magical or miracle minded people who are trying to change the dominant paradigm on magic and miracles. Magic and miracles are not only real and occur frequently, they are neither evil or of the devil.

What power does the dark have over the light? None. The light shines, then the darkness disappears. Miracles and magic (or magick) comes from the light, because only the light has power. Darkness can cloud, confuse, and lie. It has no power. No authority.

While the Christian testiments do not explicitly state this, this teaching is completely congruent with Christianity. You do not have to be a pagan or worship other gods in order to develop magic and miracles.

Reality is based on consentual belief and faith. Individuals with strong enough faith and belief can transcend consentual reality. A group of like-minded invidviduals with the same strong faith and belief can do so more easily. Thus we encourage, whatever your spiritual views, to join with people who view God as you do to join together in the develop of your magic or miracles.

Free your mind.